Resumen de Real Valladolid vs FC Barcelona (3-1)

Importante victoria del Real Valladolid frente al FC Barcelona gracias a los goles de Gonzalo Plata, Cyle Larin y Christensen, en propia portería. Lewandowski marcó para el equipo de Xavi. #RealValladolidBarça J36 LaLiga Santander 2022/2023

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Camisetas ALEMANIA Última hora del FC Barcelona. Actualidad, fichajes, calendario, entradas, resultados, clasificaciones, resúmenes, LaLiga, la Copa, la Champions League.

25 respuestas a «Resumen de Real Valladolid vs FC Barcelona (3-1)»

it's actually sad that most people's brains are incapable of understanding that this match is literally fixed lmfao? tf are these comments

Estaba viendo y dije golazo el de Christensen y luego vi y dije nooooooo fue en su portería sjsjgjsjsj

Stergen should have stopped being used since our last 2 matches…man's cleansheet record will get sppiled if he plays again with this our terrible defense

honestly, shit like these feels like one of those pointless matches where results for barca does not even matter and they just lose in order to screw over betting community and allow casinos to win actual billions because let's be honest, who in the right mind would bet on valliadolid winning? nobody, and those people who lost, they would just write this shit off as "bad luck". it really feels like fixed match.

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