Do Barcelona's SUPERSTAR Signings Make Them La Liga FAVOURITES?! | Continental Club


Hello and welcome back to Continental Club where today McCubs and Dougie are joined by Football Espana journalist and La Liga Expert Alan Feehely to talk all things Spain.

Do Barcelona’s signings of Lewandowski, Raphinha, Kessie and Christensen, not to mention Jules Kounde, who might be following them through the door, make the Blaugrana La Liga favourites ahead of Real Madrid? How will Los Blancos’ defence operate next season, can we expect a challenge from Simeone’s Atleti and what will the impending departures of Kounde and Diego Carlos mean for Sevilla?

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27 respuestas a «Do Barcelona's SUPERSTAR Signings Make Them La Liga FAVOURITES?! | Continental Club»

I can definitely see Xavi’s Barca getting off to a strong start and running with it. The blaugrana are gonna win trophies this season

Lmao British people and the heat is the funniest shit ever, that’s all they ever talk about and surviving it ?

The First Question? Dembele was not there anymore so they had to go for Raphina. And lewandowski we did not have any goal scorer who can score 25-30 goals a season. So they had to do those two signings.

Anything trophies Real won before Franco died, are fraudulent. Their history starts the day the Franco dictatorship ended.

Is Alan supposed to be an expert on La Liga? For him to say that we (Real Madrid) don't have a history of retaining league titles… is not quite accurate.

The record for most consecutive La Liga titles won is 5, and we did it both times (1960-61 to 1964-65 and 1985-86 to 1989-90), with the next-most being 4 by Barcelona (1990-91 to 1993-94).

We don't quite have the RECENT history of winning back-to-back La Liga titles considering that since that second 5-peat in 1989-90, we only won La Liga back-to-back in 2006-07 and 2007-08 and Barcelona retained the league title 4 times in the same timeframe.

He could've framed what he said a bit better than bluntly stating something that is just wrong. Barça bias, perhaps?

Am I the only person who finds it wrong that Barcelona are splashing cash, but refuse to pay the money they owe to some of their current players? Cause that's messed up…

I really think is gonna be easy again for Real if Benzema has 70% of the season his had its a no brainer and now Rüdiger brings experience and steadys the Defence with Aurelien and camavinga giving almost word class cover in the middle and the attack needs surgery but they can expect Benzema and Vinicius Carrie them

You didnt even talk about Barca top top midfield and didnt mention Kessie?
If Kessie went to a Premier league club or would cost 50M you would talk quite a lot about him?

Question for Barca's attack is whether or not the wingers will get enough quality balls to lewy. At Bayern they pretty much spammed assist-worthy balls at him all the time but can Barca do that? That'll be the biggest challenge for them.

Barca has too many new players, it's gonna take time for them to get the best out of everyone, not to mention the best starting line-up.

Realistically Lewandowski and Kounde were the only two massive ones. I think they will give us a fight but lots of holes still. Poor fullbacks, Busquets getting past it, Ter Stegan is horrible etc.

Barca is lucky that la liga teams are not really doing well these years so they dont have a strong competition to beat

This show is the best, simply for its diversity, don't get me wrong I like the vibs down the pub but nothing like European football.

As a Barça fan, I still think Madrid have the edge. AS OF NOW. We have made necessary and smart signings. But The team has to adapt to a system. Us Barça fans obviously trust Xavi with that.

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