Barcelona Players were CHASED OUT after Winning La Liga🏆🤬

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50 respuestas a «Barcelona Players were CHASED OUT after Winning La Liga🏆🤬»

Imagine a team of bad boys celebrating the league victory… Ibrahimovic,Ramos , Pepe, Costa ,Vidal ,Godin,Otamendi ,Gattuso,Kahn, Keane,Stam😅…no one would have dared to invade the pitch

I feel the pain of the Espanyol fans as a Blackburn fan it still hurts to this day but no way should you start attacking because your team lost

That's even less than the usual reaction when you are winning on your rival's pitch.
The normal reaction is fog followed by flames followed by chair & flare dropping followed by a field invasion followed by the typical bus-braking technique.

I was there.
Do you know that the police made a teatry with Barça for them to not celebrate the league in the pitch because it could be seen as a provocation.
1. They ignored the police.
2. You should have to hear what Barça (Piqué) says about Espanyol when this team goes to Camp Nou.
3. We were robbed at the end of the season by refs and nobody said nothing about it.
4. You make really good content.
5. Barça lost two matches against direct rivals of Espanyol that were way worse than them.

Bro why do espanyol hate barcelona?

It's not like the team did this on purpose, they showed fans face & they look livid & wanted to leave the place but seems that they really chased away the players.

🤣🤣🤣 they deserved it 😂😂😂.
atleast everyone knows you dont celebrate your achievements in someones backyard 🤣🤣🤣

La Liga has to have some of the worst fan culture in Europe atm. Racism aimed towards Vinicius Jr, and now this violent pitch invasion against Barca?

Imagine the media outcry if English fans did this but no when it’s not us I have to hear about it from a crappy YouTuber

Imagine fighting for survival, and then your local derby decided to celebrate the title in the center circle on your turf. What a shame, Barca, have no respect at all.

If i would have been a barca player ,i would not be cowering behind ,if someone throws a bottle at me ,i will throw it bavk at him and not run away .

The reason they hate barca so much actually has nothing to do with football it's because they are catalonian basically French they don't think the should be in Spanish league all Spanish people hate them

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