Does Barcelona NOW have the edge over Real Madrid to win LaLiga? | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew discuss Barcelona’s odds to win LaLiga following Real Madrid’s 3-2 slip up loss to Rayo Vallecano on Monday.

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50 respuestas a «Does Barcelona NOW have the edge over Real Madrid to win LaLiga? | ESPN FC»

I think it will be close, Real Madrid has more experience and have a more experienced coach. Barca maybe hungrier and Xavi has to sort of learn as he goes. I think it will be a tossup but I don’t think any team will be outstanding both teaching near 80 points or thereabouts

Xavi’s persistence with Busquets is baffling to say the least.. the first goal of Osasuna.. busquets directly responsible.. we might lose La liga and xavi might lose his job coz of this obstinate behavior..

Bro I bet Madridistas were watching four eyes open on Barça match. Once after the first osasuna goal, they were sharping their lips while losing to Leipzig and Rayo…..Barça is still under re-innovation…..VISCA BARCA!🔥🔥

"Built to win trophies" lost every big game they played, playing thursday football in europa league, disrespecting the only spanish team left in the UCL pipe down the season aint over yet not even near to being over…

This Barça team are flat track bullies. They've consistently failed against good teams and been dominant against weak teams. That's a great way to win a domestic league.

Meanwhile, Madrid have shown that they are incapable of the kind of 90 minute, game to game consistent focus required to not leak points.

To win La liga might be crucial for Barcelona, but is it really anything special giving how mediocre all the Spanish teams are at the moment?
There is only Real Madrid to beat; if the stumble you will win,if not you won't. Nothing special, really.🥱

The moment you realize these guys the avoid the truth which is barcelona lost once and draw 1 game in 14 games makes their analysis weak. Xavi first choice defenders will be back in January to make this team more strong remember injured players are avoiding mental and muscle fatigue

We’re going to start seeing a shift! Barca has been developing and is in a good path while Madrid is at their “ best “ but once their old guys start to retire Madrid will start going through some growing pains like Barca did these past few years

Real Madrid loses, it's 100 excuses why its not their fault. Barcelona wins its a 100 reasons why they are still terrible.

You guys are so friking biased. When Barcelona Loses it's because they are missing this and that and they just can't compete with the intensity. But God forbid Real Madrid Lose and the excuses you guys make for them Especially you Craig. C'mon. They weren't up for the challenge against Rayo and Barca were with 10 men and trailing. Stop pampering that geyser team and give the youngsters their flowers.

Real Madrid had 3 key players injured and these guys are talking about Barcelona having a shot at la Liga … Gotta pump the content with every non-news eh?

All this pundit so once team buy players it means to win trophy is only option you have other competitors who do thesame like you
Just give them time 😮

I think it’s too early for us Barca fans to say that we have the title in our hands. Big 3 points are huge and key to take the top again. But we need to keep being consistent with every game we play. But with this WC around the corner can be good or bad for Barca. Either players can come back with a big boost or they come back injured or mentally down… but let’s hope for the best! Y arriba Barca!

Truth is, that loss against Rayo was down to the brilliance of Rayo. I don't think we give enough credit to the smaller clubs in matches like these. It's not just that Madrid were bad, it's that Rayo was so good that they made Madrid look bad.

Even if Barca wins La liga..I would consider it a decent season…Barca was quite unfortunate in terms of injuries they had to bear…which ofc played a pivotal role in their UCL exit

It's funny how ESPN didn't say anything about how barca won the game with 10men last night with lewy sent off😂…but they keep talking about winning the league and drop from cl and lever….I can see the bitterness on Dan&Craig face let them cry

When Barcelona plays bad or lose a game, the are a whole lot of disrespect to them. They shambles they not good enough and all that. Madrid played bad and you clowns 🤡 are on here tryna find excuses for ‘em. Pathetic

Refree crying in corner after the game… He tried to hard and got so far in the end, it doesn't even matter… Poor lad would have got some scolding

Barca have been facing similar (or worse) situations, having already had injury issues that dented the UCL campaign.

Also, the composure and grit the boys showed last night, despite controversial decisions (Osasuna's goal and a card on every Barca foul), this game should've been talked about!

Of course, these guys talk about everything BUT the game though.

Xavi has instilled winning and monster mentality in his team.
New signings have brought fresh air.
Old guard leaving will remove any thought of doubt especially busquets.
A rb and pivot signing with injured players returining barca will be the monster as before international break.
Thus they should win laliga and europa league their absolute priorities dont care about copa del rey but winning copa de espana in middle of season will help alot in mentality.
Xavi is learning and correcting mistakes and barca is improving alot

They were build to win trophies ?
Europa maybe long way to go
La liga very long way to go
Copa del rey most likely long way to go and the luck of the draw hasnt been on their side

Osasuna had a one goal lead and number advantage, but still lost the game 🤦‍♂️. Sometimes I feel these mid table clubs give too much respect for the top teams. They should've gone for the jugular instead of defending.

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